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About Halftime Translation Services

Halftime Translation Services is a progressive Global Translation Company with headquarters in Dubai and is accredited by the UAE Ministry of Justice to undertake Legal Translations in Arabic and English by a legal translation team with over 10 years of experience. With our established network of Sworn UAE Translators, we also provide locally certified translations in the following languages:

French, German, Russian, Chinese, Persian, Italian and Spanish

Our team of professionals have experience in a vast range of specializations and we cater to both a local and an ever-growing international market. We offer translation in over 120 global language pairs through our international network of highly qualified and accredited translators. In addition, we provide an extensive range of linguistic services, such as simultaneous interpretation and equipment hire, proofreading, typing, document attestation, visa/immigration applications and related PR services.


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Fast turnaround times and the best pricing in the market – our per-word pricing structure, no minimum rate and no extra charges are all designed to give you the edge!
120 plus language pairs, accredited and sworn translators, legal team with over 10 years of experience and the widest range of language and PR specializations!
Use of integrated API and built-in quality tools ensure efficiency, quality and consistency along with an advanced, intuitive platform and simple order management all help place you at an advantage.

What we offer.

Legal Translation
Book Translation
Advertising Translation
Academic Translation
Medical Translation
Financial Translation
Technical Translation

High speed, high quality 21st Century Global Translation

Expert Regional Interpreters and  Legal Translators

Located in Dubai, the world’s most famous international hub

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Quality Assurance

Halftime Translation take quality standards seriously, in line with the industry’s best practices.

All  our texts go through a series of monitoring and quality control measures. Texts are handled by a team, comprising of: Translation Manager, Translator, Proofreader  (and Linguist where appropriate).

Queries and comments are followed up with the translator and the client, to ensure clarity and avoid ambiguity.

The Halftime Translation team take pride in their work and it gets results.


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