Book / Literature Translation Is about Quality

We understand that if you submit a book for translation, you expect more than just the content to be written into a foreign language. It must remain true to the style and context of the original. Indeed you expect the translation to be so authentic that no one would guess the outcome is a mere translation. The reader will feel that it was written in the target language.

The style of the author needs to be retained, the atmosphere created by the original needs to be captured in detail. The translator working on a book must step into the shoes of the author, seeing the world through his/her eyes.

Sounds complicated? Not for our translators! At Halftime Translation, we select the best translators from the ranks of those with proven experience in translating literary works. If a translator has translated a book which has already been published successfully, he is our candidate.

When ordering from us, you will get:

  • style compliance;
  • grammatical accuracy;
  • authentic expression;
  • cultural relevance

Translation within a tight deadline?  Yes, it is indeed possible. Nevertheless the specific requirements of this type of translation need to be considered. Without inspiration, you will not write a good book – similarly, the translator cannot translate the work properly without time to reflect on the text. For ultimate success of the project, please consider the recommendations of the translator before setting up a deadline.

Your masterpiece will remain a masterpiece in  the target language – simply entrust its translation to Halftime Translation!