Accreditation – by the UAE Ministry of Justice

Halftime Translation has been certified by the UAE Ministry of Justice to faithfully undertake English / Arabic Legal Translations.

The importance of concise and accurate Legal Translations cannot be over-emphasized. To this end, our specialist Legal Translators, in-house team of professional proofreaders and project managers are at hand to ensure excellence at all times.

Legal Translations
Legal translations range from individual documents to business contracts and court cases. Selection of the right translator for the job is critical and ideally, the legal translator should be au fait with not only the legal terminology, but also the legal culture forming the framework for the text. Choosing a competent Legal Translation company such as Halftime who use top Legal Translators is the logical choice.

Legal texts span a wide range and here are some typical examples of translations we undertake:

  • Certified Translations: Educational Certificates, Birth, Marriage Certificates, Certificates of Service, etc.
  • Contracts: Power of Attorney, Title Deeds, Partnership Contracts, etc.
  • Court Law: Civil Cases, Appeals, Judgments, etc.
  • Criminal Law: Cases, Appeals, Publications, etc.
  • Dispute and Arbitration: Cases, Hearings, Appeals
  • Maritime Law
  • Financial Law
  • Immigration Law: Adjudication, Appeals, etc.
  • Legal Publications, Journals
  • Regulations / Legislative documents
  • Academic publications – Law / Legal studies

Confidentiality 100 % Assured! The majority of documents translated by our Legal Translation Team are highly confidential and often contain sensitive information. Our rigid screening process and confidentiality agreements signed by our Translators will give you total peace of mind.

More Languages: Operating from within such a cosmopolitan society as that found in the UAE, Halftime Translation Services are also proud to be able to provide Legal Translations for a host of other languages, in cooperation with Sworn Legal Translators, for example:

  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • German
  • Turkish
  • French
  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • Urdu
  • Hindi

Reasonable rates without compromising quality: Legal transactions are already very costly. Halftime Translation will ease the burden by offering fair and affordable rates, wherever possible, without a single compromise to accuracy and quality.

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