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Need subtitling for your new video? We undertake subtitling from the smallest projects (short videos) to long-running series.
Naturally, you want subtitles to be accurate, easy to read and in the native style of the target language.
Not too much to ask? Actually, for a video that may become a complicated process…
But not for Halftime. We select top ranking subtitling specialists to provide just the right one for your project.

Whether you need subtitles for a 5-minute video or for a full feature film, when you place an order with us you get:

  • Accuracy – subtitles will appear on the correct clip.
  • Quality – they will be translated into the proper dialect, the outcome will read as if it was written in its mother tongue.
  • Affordability – we understand that you may not be a millionaire (yet)so we offer fair and affordable price rates.

Above all, our specialists are able to work in a variety of different media tools to deliver the format you prefer.
You will be thrilled with the results!
Let your video speak the language you want – order subtitling from a leading specialist – Halftime Translation.

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