Proofreading – Do I need it if my translator is an expert?

Yes, you do. A translator isn’t a machine, and mistakes are part of human nature. To avoid small, seemingly insignificant errors and typos that may influence the total effect of the outcome, every document requires proofreading.

Translators, no matter how good, are not fully equipped to review their own work.

In Halftime, translators and proof-readers work side by side to deliver a flawless translation. When you submit a translation to us, rest assured that proofreading is included in the package.

You have a text which you need to pefect? We are here for you!

Simply submit your text to us for proofreading. We shall proofread your text and correct all errors. (Please note: if your text contains more than 15% errors this is no longer a proofreading project, but a new translation. We will let you know in advance in such matters and will act according to your instructions).

Perfect your text – let us proofread it for you!

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