Technical Translation: When quality is critical

Do you run a business? Are a scientist applying for a patent for your new invention? A start-up wishing to compete in a tender for a big technical project?

Locally, you will need your documentation to be translated fast and accurately, particularly as all official texts need to be issued in Arabic.

Why not place your translation order with us?

Here are only a few reasons for this choice – and in technical texts, all of them are crucial.

Price. Translation of technical manuals, or the hundreds of pages of tender documentation may be expensive. To this end, we have maintained our prices at affordable rates – you get excellent quality at a great price

Quality. Manuals, tender documents or patent documentation need to comply with strict standards and specifications – this is why we assign your technical translation to a professional writer, specializing in your field (from equipment, to engineering, etc.), who knows the standards and terminology. We shall deliver your documents in time and properly formatted, ready to use.

Consistency. Technical documents normally contain much repetition. We use CAT tools to translate them in order to ensure consistent terminology. Large scale repetitions are eligible for discounts and we could help you save enormous amounts.

We believe we are the right company to translate your technical documents , knowing we can save you money without compromising on quality.

Trust the professionals to help you succeed – submit your technical translation to us.

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